mardi 28 mai 2013

Perfume and veganism

On blogs and forums dedicated to perfume, perfume versatilty is often discussed: how it changes from one skin to another, how your choice of perfume depends not only of its scent but also of how it interacts with your skin. Depending on skins, it seems perfume can turn bad instantly or reveal more heart than head, certain skins seem to swallow some notes and amplify some others.
We may also come to learn that moisturizing is crucial for perfume longevity and there are some very technical talks about the best skin cares - scent wise, that will moisturize the wrist without ruining the perfume that you will spray on it.

A very simple solution to this problem is to spray perfume on colth (scarf, tissue, shirt, umbrella, couch...).
Another way, much less thought of is to change skin pH.

At the beginning of my exploration of the perfume universe, influenced by perfumistas bloggers and other cosmetics addicts always on the go for the best deo ever, I long thought skin chemestry was a misterious science, nearly esoteric. Could our skin type depend on our personality type, our soul colour, our karma?
It’s rarely mentionned that what influences our skin chemistry – our skin pH the most, is very simply what we eat.

One of the main pillars of dietetics is acid base balance.
Relax, I won’t go into a dietetics class here but there you go, if you had never heard of it, now it’s done!
Our body is like a fish tank: its pH has to remain at a certain level and stable otherwise fishes get sick. Occidental main and most common foods, such as meat, cereal grains, refined sugar and milk products happen to be highly acidifying for our body and an acidic body means all kinds of health troubles from dry skin to articular pains, irritability, anxiety, smelly sweat, enamel problems, mineral deficiency, weight gain... Stress, too much sport, smoking, medical treatments, drugs,... can also cause acidification. May you check on that too! Articles on the subject are easy to find!
But to put it shortly, in order to stop or reduce acidification, to alcalinize our body and therfore our skin, one best way is to eat plenty of alcalinizing food: fruits and veggetables!

Vegans who have a fruits and veggetables based diet (and not a grains and legumes one, since these are acidifying), such as raw vegans or those who eat a lot of raw stuff, will all tell you: they have a perfect baby skin! They need no more moisturizer and if they do eat a real lot of raw or if they’re 100% raw, their body odors will be very faint if still there at all.
Yes, at last! The best deo ever quest is over!

I’m vegan since october 2012, I eat a lot of fruits and veggetables, a lot of raw, almost no more grains (only a little brown rice from time to time), almost no more legumes (only a little tofu from time to time) and I only use my home made deo because I like it, not because I need to, unless I get into a lot of stress of when I eat little raw, which are the only things that can bring back some smelly sweat.
My skin no longer gets dry unless a bit if exposed directly to extreme cold weather and it feels like it holds perfume longer.

To put it shortly, veganism means a skin that holds perfume better and body odours that don't compeat with it any longer!
Veganism is animals' and perfume's best friend!

This article was inspired by à la recherche and his 10 jours 100% vegan

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